Avosetta Group

Avosetta Saebelschnaebler

The Avosetta Group is a small informal group of lawyers whose main purpose is to further the development of environmental law in the European Union and its Member States. "Avosetta" is the Latin name of a rare bird which caused the European Court of Justice to establish far reaching principles of European nature protection law in the German Leybucht Case.

The latest meeting of the Avosetta Group was held in Uppsala on 27/28 May 2022. It focused on the
question of how conflicting environmental interests may be handled in permit procedures. Information on the
participants, the agenda, as well as our final report entitled Integrated Permit Regimes in Conflicting Times
can be found here.

The Avosetta Series publishes texts that present innovative discourse on European Environmental Law.
The most recent publication on "EU Biodiversity Law: Wild Birds and Habitats Directives" can be found at
Europa Law Publishing.

For opinions of the Avosetta Group please see here.