Meeting January 2004

Producer and product responsibility

Luc Lavrysen: Producer Responsibility and integrated product policy in Belgium
Richard Macrory: Producer Responsibility: United Kingdom Report
Ari Ekroos: Product related environmental legislation and policy in Finland
Gerd Winter: Product Responsibility - Germany
Stefano Grassi: Producer Responsibility - Italy
Hans Chr. Bugge: Product policy and producer responsibility in Norway
Angel-Manuel Moreno: Report: Spain
Jonas Ebbesson: Producer responsibility in Sweden
Massimiliano Montini: The treatment of natinal measures introducing trade restrictions on environmental grounds under WTO-law
Peter Pagh: Producer responsibility - Report Denmark
Jan Jans: Producer Responsibility in Dutch Waste Law
Barbara Iwanska: Producer Responsibility and Product Policy - Poland
Marco Onida: Product Policy and the Environment - EC Law Aspects

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