Meeting 2005

Emissions Trading in International, European, and National Climate Protection Law
Jan Jans: Climate Change: Legal aspects, in particular of emission trading
Luc Lavrysen: Report of Belgium
Marco Onida & Ludwig Kraemer: Legal aspects of climate change
Gerd Winter: Report on Germany
Gyula Bándi: Legal aspects of climate change. Hungarian perspectives
Stefano Grassi: Report on Italy
Massimiliano Montini: Legal aspects of climate change: the case of emissions trading
Hans-Christian Bugge: Norway's new system for emission allowance trading
Alexandra Aragao: Legal aspects of climate change. In particular, emissions trading mechanisms. Portuguese perspective
Barbara Iwanska / Jerzy Jendroska: Legal aspects of climate change. Poland report
Angel-Manuel Moreno: Legal aspects of climate change. Report on Spain
Astrid Epiney: "Integration" of Switzerland in the EU emission trading scheme
Richard Macrory: United Kingdom Report

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